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Hot VWs Magazine - March 2021


On the cover : Frenchy Dehoux’s perfect 1966 California Look sedan. (Photo Shin Watanabe)

Better known as Frenchy within the Volkswagen community, Jean-Louis Dehoux has attended almost every single Bug-In held at Orange County International Raceway. His latest Cal Look project, this L639 Zenith Blue '66 Sunroof Bug, takes its inspiration from California's 1970s VW scene.

Some 40 years after winning America’s Most Beautiful VW award at Bug-In 23, Mark Ramirez cruises the streets of So-Cal in a freshly completed ’67 Beetle with his Der Kleiner Kampfwagens club brothers!

Being at the right place and the right time certainly helped Mark Ramirez to get involved in the Cal Look scene during the ’70s. But there is more to the story, as he was also lucky enough to be raised by a car-lov- ing dad, Carlos, who owned a VW shop in Whittier, a few miles away from Orange County. Mark began working there in 1975 and, with his Driver License test just a couple of months away, he and his father built a ’59 Beetle inspired by the emerging California Look. Dechromed body, powder blue paint job, chrome Porsche 356 wheels and T-bars – it was all there. “Working at the shop, a lot of customers wanted to buy our cars sitting outside on display. There went my ’59”, he adds.

In the midst of a global pandemic and looming shutdowns, drag racing has taken a hit like most industries. It was decided that the show would go on and the Fast4Cartel hammered on with their Summer Slam at Medford Dragstrip. Racers came to show support, even if safety adjustments needed to be made for the event to happen.

Harold Dyer's 1964 Cal Look Bug.
Harold Dyer has been a Volkswagen enthusiast for over four decades. He currently lives in Prague, Oklahoma, though he spent a good portion of his life in Cal Look mecca - Orange County, CA.

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