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Kris Lauffer went from driving the "Hater Maker" Pro-Mod sedan to the Notchback named "The Black Car." On the last run of Saturday night's VW program, Lauffer ran his best ever 8.85/145.29 mph, the quickest time ever, for a naturally-aspirated VW. Notchback weighs 1575-lbs with Kris on-board. As this car is presently setup, it would run in B/Sedan.

Record-Breaking times at the Sacramento Bugorama

Kris Lauffer sets two marks, driving two different racecars in one night.
May 24, 2014

Photos by Dean Kirsten
During Saturday night's first round of qualifying, Kris Lauffer did what most said would be impossible to accomplish in one night. At the Sacramento Bugorama, the Lauffers entered two different cars, but both run in different classes. First, Kris drove the "Hater Maker" in the BRS Pro-Mod class, and ran the quickest E.T. ever seen in competition; 7.86 at 183.63 mph. If Kris backs up this time during Sunday's program, he would set a new E.T. Record for the class. Next, the Lauffers put Kris behind the wheel of "The Black Car" a nitrous-injected Notchback to the tune of 8.85/145.29 mph, again, the quickest E.T. ever run in B/Sedan. For the record, the Notchback weighs 1575-lbs with Kris on-board.This is the first time this class has seen an 8-second E.T., although a number of 9.0s have been recorded by both the Lauffers and Roger Crawford.Sunday with be most interesting to watch as the pressure is on to back up both record passes.

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