Beautifully painted by the late Dick Vale, this was one of his last paint jobs before he sadly passed away.

East Coast Pro Shocker

Alan Fore' latest racecar, a 1956 Pro Stock heads for the low 9-second bracket
By Dean Kirsten | March 12, 2013

Photos by Dean Kirsten

After going to school in Nurembürg, Germany, Alan Fore' became very interested in early Volkswagens. This Greer, South Carolina resident is self-employed, is into computers, and is a licensed pyrotechnician as well. For the V-Dub side of his life, he's owned 7 showy street cars, and 7 drag racers, all driven by Alan. Lately, his quest for speed has spawned two drag race-mobiles, a '56 Pro Mod monster, and the '57 Pro Stocker, make that "Pro Shocker," with all the go-fast goodies.
Stout funny car-style cage was fabricated by Ron Lummus of RLR.
This was a four-year (Alan refers to it as "four-ever") project that was farmed-out to Sean Geers (Geers Engineering, in Westminster) the general manager, if you will, who coordinated the building process from start to finish, utilizing a few Southern California shops. Of course, Sean took care of the HP department, while the chassis, suspension, and brakes were handled first by Ron Lummus (RLR) then Jimmy Larsen (JCL), Rancho Performance Transaxles built a Type 2 bus box, and bodywork plus way wild graphicked paint job was the handiwork of the late Dick Vale.
Front suspension uses Vari-Shocks (struts) to handle the steering and 140mph passes. Gas tank is only large enough for a few burnouts and one 1/4-mile run. Product Engineering fuel pump is used, along with removable lead weights for balance.
The chromoly Pro Stock chassis/funnycar cage started out in the Anaheim, California shop of Ron Lummus Racing, where Ron equipped the tube chassis front with RLR A-arms, Strange struts, and Stiletto rack and pinion steering, along with rear chrome ladder bar setup and wheelie bars. Jimmy Larsen-modified rear suspension now sports Alston coil-over vari-shocks that during the launch are stiff, then soften along the way during a quarter-mile pass. Only brakes on this car are Strange Engineering-calipered discs, while the wheels are American Racing, and tires are Mickey Thompsons, 3.5/24-15 fronts, with 8.00/26-15 slicks bringing up the rear.
Interior is all business, with RLR tin work, JCL shifter and pedals, and a Auto Meter tach with shift light.
Power for this Pro Shocker comes from a 2599cc monster motor that uses a Scat 3-piece case, 78mm Scat crank with Type 4 mains, Carrillo 5.5-inch connecting rods, and CP forged 103mm pistons (Total Seal rings) inside LA Sleeve cylinders. Camshaft is a Geers billet roller with .436-inch lift, 274° duration and 110° lobe centers, oil pump is an Auto-Craft billet (1.5 stage), while heads are Auto-Craft 910s with Chong Woo square-ports and 53x40mm titanium valves, rockers are Crower (1.65 exhaust, 1.7 intake) on Geers/Crower shafts. Ignition tricks include MSD large body distributor, Geers crank-fire setup, and MSD 7AL2 box. Fuel inhalers are Geers' 62mm Terminators, with 49mm venturis, and exhaust gases quickly exit via Brian Webb-fabbed 1-3/4 x 2 x 2-1/8-inch system. The Rancho-built bus tranny sports a Folts swingaxle conversion, Folts aluminum spool, Folts 5-inch-shorter axles, as well as JCL rails for a JCL vertigate shifter. For more engine and trans details, see the specs box.
Just as colorful as this car's exterior is its interior. The no-headliner roof is painted red, all sheet metal panels are powdercoat yellow, and the rollcage/frame is purple. A black Kirkey seat utilizes 5-point Simpson cam-lock harness belts, shifter is a JCL vertigate, steering wheel is Momo, Auto Meter tach monitors engine rpm, and quarter-window NACA style ducts route fresh air to the Terminator carburetors, via four large flex-hoses inside the car.
Shawn Geers built the 2599cc engine, using a Scat case, Scat 78mm flanged crank, Carillo 5.5-inch rods and 103mm CP forged pistons.
Although Alan is still "working out" the bugs, if you will, and has not made a full pass yet in his Pro Shocker, soon he'll have it all sorted out, thanks to the crew at VW Paradise in San Marcos, California. Be on the lookout for this Pro Stock Oval to make VW drag racing living up to its name....shocking all onlookers, and fellow Pro Stock racers alike!
Shawn Geers mounted a Product Engineering vacuum pump, along with a high output 16V alternator.
Intake shows a massively welded 910 manifolds, along with a pair of 62mm Terminators carburetors with 49mm venturis.
Rear suspension uses a ladder bar setup, with JCL Vari-Shocks with coil-over. Disc brakes are from JCL.

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