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Mive Motorstadt

By Lynn Anderson | August 2, 2012

It’s been a pretty busy summer so far, with lots of shows and cruises on the calendar, but when MIVE’s Motorstadt came up, I jumped at the chance to revisit this show. Now in its ninth successful year, Motorstadt offers a chance for both vintage and late model VW and Audi enthusiasts to come together as one, giving equal respect to both air and water alike.
Motorstadt is hosted by the Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiasts, or MIVE for short. MIVE is an informal club of water-cooled VW owners bound by an online message board. They organize several barbeques and gatherings throughout the year, and proudly boast of having no membership dues. Being very performance minded, they also attend Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) races and open track days at drag strips and road racing courses.
The first Motorstadt, held on the grounds of a local community college, garnered over 100 vehicles, a remarkable start for a first year show. They moved the show to Volkswagen Corporate Headquarters for a few years, and are now at the beautiful Austrian Society Park in Macomb, Michigan. The cool, soft grass and tree-lined park was just the antidote for the hot sunny (muggy!) day we had, and was a nice change from the usual hot tar parking lot.
I last attended Motorstadt several years ago, and was looking forward to seeing how the show had progressed. They didn’t disappoint. Cars started streaming in early Saturday morning, filling the park with Volkswagen and Audi models from the past 50 years. I saw enthusiasts from a number of states, including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Canada.
Vintage air-cooled enthusiasts were well represented, with several Beetles, buses, and Porsches on display. Award winning stand-outs included an all-original green 1957 Beetle brought by Chris Braden, and Joe Zeeuw’s fun 1978 lowered party Bus. Joe and his family have been water-cooled enthusiasts for some time (Joe’s tan 1982 Jetta Coupe has been a MIVE favorite), and it’s nice to see him develop an interest in the air-cooled scene too.
On the water-cooled side, some of my personal favorites included award winner Jay Qizilbash’s 2001 blue Jetta with a host of modifications, including a 24-inch flat screen TV and sound system in the trunk; VWoA retiree Jim Stefan’s clean 1989 white Cabriolet; and Troy McNair’s 1984 lemon yellow racing Rabbit GTI. Troy’s car was one of the featured cars at last fall’s Farmington Dragway meet, and he was wearing the t-shirt to prove it. Best of Show was Erin Bowman’s gorgeous 2007 Magma Orange Fahrenheit Edition GTI, which they had brought all the way from Kentucky. Trophies for the show were German license plate reproductions from EuropeanPlates.com, one of the most unique trophy ideas I’ve ever seen.
Representatives from several of the show’s sponsors had displays set up, including Steve’s European, a supporter for all nine years of Motorstadt, and Ralph Thayer Volkswagen, who was on hand with several new Volkswagen models, and items from their Driver Gear catalog for sale. Organizers gave out numerous door prizes and freebies during the course of the show. I donated a couple dozen water-cooled VW and Audi posters that I’d accumulated over the years, and it was fun and lively watching people literally drop everything and run to the booth to answer a question, show a part, or bring up a bicycle off the roof rack, in order to win one!
All in all, well over 200 vehicles were on display, with hundreds of spectators in attendance. Definitely a show worth visiting if you’re ever in the area in June! For more information on MIVE and next year’s Motorstadt, stay tuned to: www.michiganvw.org .
VOLKSWAGEN CLASSES: MK6 Golf/Jetta — Jonathan Szynkowski, 2011 Jetta Sportwagen; MK5 Rabbit/Jetta/GTI — Erin Bowman, 2007 Fahrenheit GTI; MK4 Golf/Jetta — Jay Qizilbash, 2001 Jetta; MK3 Golf/Jetta/Cabrio — Jonathon Quijano, 1996 GTI VR6; MKII Golf Jetta — Brian Johnson, 1987 Jetta; MKI Rabbit/Jetta/Cabriolet/Caddy — Mike Novack, 1984 Rabbit; Corrado/Scirocco — Raven Rotsaert, 1992 Corrado VRT; Passat/CC — Toma, 2012 CC; New Beetle/Eos — Al Wyld, 2001 New Beetle; Air-Cooled All — Chris Brandon, 1957 Beetle; VW, Other — 1989 Fox; Best of Show VW —Erin Bowman, 2007 Fahrenheit GTI. AUDI CLASSES: Early Boxier: Joel Phillips , 1995 UrS6; B5 96-01 — John Kleinert2001.5 S4; B6/B7/A3 02-08 — Derek, 2006 A4; B8 08-Current — Sam Webb, 2012 S4; TT — Ivan Coric, 2001 TT; Other — Josh Ogle, 1995 S6; Best of Show — John Kleinert, 2001.5 S4. NON-VW/AUDI: Matt Wong, 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo.

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